Cost Advantage

Out of the many benefits of offshoring business processes to the Philippines, the most obvious and probably the most attractive would be its cost advantage. Key Discovery provides up to 70% cost reduction for your business. Furthermore, we provide a transparent and straightforward pricing model that’s easy to understand making it easy for you to scale your headcount whenever the need arises.


Access to Talent

Offshoring will also give your business access to skilled talent that is either unavailable or too expensive in your area. The Philippines has an extensive pool of talented designers, customer service representatives and software developers.


Subject Matter Experts

Your business can also benefit from offshoring by taking advantage of your offshoring partner’s expertise. By offshoring a highly competent team in the Philippines, your business can now focus on other core processes and engage in activities that were previously set aside due to the lack of available staff.


Operational Flexibility

Offshoring can also help your business in terms of operational flexibility. Because of the time zone difference, your offshore staff will be able to cover hours that might be difficult to cover if your business is to hire locally. With this, you can extend your services to a broader audience by becoming more accessible.

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