With over a decade of experience, Key Discovery is a trusted name in the outsourcing and offshoring industry.  We started our operations back in 2005, and have since then helped enable businesses to build their teams in the Philippines. We were able to do this for our partners because of two important things:

Simple Service Deliver Models

Simplicity is the most important attribute of our delivery models. Our process is easy – we let you pick the people you want to work for you and we’ll take care of the assets your team needs to get the work done. These include the office space, office furniture as well as workstation hardware and software.


We’ll give you the power to decide how much control you want over your team – you can choose to have complete control managing them through email, phone or skype; or you can ask for a dedicated account manager to handle them for you.


Or you can choose to work with our team on a project-based arrangement in case you only need short-term services.

Learn more about our delivery models here.


Latest and Best Collaborative Tools

Various advancements in information and telecommunication technologies have allowed companies worldwide to interact with each other more effectively. Key Discovery recognizes the value of these technologies in keeping its operations running smoothly. Our offices are equipped with multiple dedicated high-speed internet connections and various collaboration tools including:

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