Finding the right person for the job begins with understanding who that person is, what his responsibilities are, and how he fits in the context of the organization. More than just creating clear job descriptions and identifying knowledge, skills, and experience required, we also try to understand other nuances of the position and the organization.



We always do our best to come up with win-win scenarios when we engage with our clients. Our agreements are concise and easy to understand. We make sure we work with our clients to address their concerns and make them comfortable before they make any commitments.



When all requirements are clearly defined and the client has agreed to move forward, our team starts working their way through the appropriate recruitment channels. We use traditional channels such as mass media ads and job boards, but also combine social media, and niche online forums and communities. We then put the candidates through a comprehensive examination and interview process in order to identify and bring the best on board.



After successfully selecting and hiring the resource, we follow a concise process to properly on-board the person. From providing the workstations, software, communication tools, to account access we make sure the person is equipped to take on his daily tasks. We then move on to general and client-specific orientations, and a proper kick-off session to start the working relationship.

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