Staff Leasing

Staff leasing is Key Discovery’s delivery model for those businesses that require long-term partnerships. Our aim is to help your business build your dedicated team in the Philippines by making the process easy and flexible.


We’ll let you choose which people you want to work exclusively for your business and we’ll give you the option to choose whether you would want to have direct control over your team, managing them through your chosen mode of communication, or you can ask for a dedicated account manager to help with day-to-day coordination.


Employee Monthly Cost + Service Fees = Your Monthly Price

Through staff augmentation, you’ll be able to save up to 70% on your overhead costs and at the same time get access to the Philippines’ pool of skilled labor. You’ll also be able to save more money indirectly because you don’t need to worry about things like office space, office furniture, workstations and other facilities.
Learn more about the benefits of offshoring here.


Project Work

If your business is looking for on-demand or short term services, Key Discovery also provides project-based arrangements. With project work, you’ll be working with a business unit within our organization in an agency-style arrangement, where the team will use Key Discovery’s own structure and resources.
We will still do the work to fit your own business processes and we won’t ask you to make any long-term commitments. Moreover, we’ll adjust the pricing so you can pay at an hourly rate or pay at a more convenient flat rate.

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