Dedicated Telemarketer

Starting at $6/hour

Key Discovery can also help you grow your business by helping you reach your potential clients with our team of telemarketers. Our agents have neutral accent and are trained in the use of business English, which ensures that your company will be represented in a professional manner. We also use the latest tools and technology in the field of telephony that provides your company with clear and high-quality audio.

Telemarketer Pricing*

Level 1 Telemarketer (0-6 Months Experience) $6/hour

Entry-level. This person has minimum to no work experience and has at least college level education.

Level 2 Telemarketer(1-2 Years Experience) $9/hour

Mid-level. This person has prior experience working in a call center and may have a background as a team leader.

Level 3 Telemarketer(2+ Years Experience) $10/hour

Senior-level. This person has supervisory experience and has shown a proven track record of achieving goals and objectives.

Our Difference
  • Knowledge of sales and marketing principles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong Negotiation skills
  • Highly persuasive
  • Adaptive and Flexible
  • Proactive and motivated
  • Ability to collect customer information
Explore offshoring your Telemarketer to the Philippines.

Request for a Proposal

*Prices provided are based on several factors such as resource skill and experience, contract duration, and team size. To get a custom quote for your needs, we encourage you to contact us directly.