Dedicated Project Manager

Starting at $12/hour

The marketing process involves a number of different disciplines such as design, content creation and development and the success of any marketing activity will depend on the cooperation and collaboration of these disciplines. The task of making this happen lies upon the project manager and how he will communicate with the team the objectives of the project.

Key Discovery’s extensive experience in the digital marketing space also means that we’ve had the opportunity with working with talented and coordinated project managers in the past, which you can also tap when you start working with us.

Project Manager Pricing*

Level 1 Project Manager (1-2 Years Experience) $12/hour

This person has experience in handling a team of at least 5 people.

Level 2 Project Manager (3-4 Years Experience) $14/hour

Mid-level. This person has experience in handling a team of 10-20 people and has background in successfully managing and coordinating different activities simultaneously.

Level 3 Project Manager (5+ Years Experience) $19/hour

Senior-level. This person has supervisory experience and has shown a proven track record of achieving goals and objectives.

Our Difference
  • Highly organized
  • Good multi-tasker
  • Leadership skills
  • Clear communicator
  • Problem solving skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Solid knowledge of the platforms
Explore offshoring your Project Manager to the Philippines.

Request for a Proposal

*Prices provided are based on several factors such as resource skill and experience, contract duration, and team size. To get a custom quote for your needs, we encourage you to contact us directly.