Dedicated Front End Developer

Starting at $12/hour

Having a company website is almost a necessity these days. Even if a company doesn’t necessarily do business on the internet, consumers will oftentimes rely on the web to get information about your brand. The duty of a front end developer is to make sure that your website will be as presentable and fully functional once users drop by for a visit.

Front End Developer Pricing*

Level 1 Front End Developer (6 Months – 1 Year Experience) $12/hour

Entry-level. This person has minimum to no work experience and has a college degree in Information Technology or computer science.

Level 2 Front End Developer (2-3 Years Experience) $14/hour

Mid-level. This person has prior experience working as a front end developer and a background in leading a team.

Level 3 Front End Developer (4+ Years Experience) $17/hour

Senior-level. This person has supervisory experience and has shown a proven track record of achieving goals and objectives.

Our Difference
  • Understands layout aesthetics
  • Web development process
  • Strong grasps of HTML
  • CSS expert
  • Expert in JavaScript
  • User-Interface and PHP expert
  • Strong understanding of Adobe CS
  • Knowledgeable in Responsive Design
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Graduate of a computer-related degree
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Request for a Proposal

*Prices provided are based on several factors such as resource skill and experience, contract duration, and team size. To get a custom quote for your needs, we encourage you to contact us directly.